About Gallery 4


Gallery 4, an extension of Art Intersection, operates with the mission to stimulate dialogue and the exchange of ideas as well as community engagement that provokes an insatiable thirst for human understanding and connection.

Exhibitions and programs in Gallery 4 invite the viewer to engage in personal reflection and conversation regarding social, environmental, and cultural topics. Artists presenting work in Gallery 4 intend to provoke thinking and stimulate dialogue for the exchange of ideas as well as community engagement. Through this presentation of art we intend to transform our immediate personal experience to a broader perspective.

I hope you will connect with Gallery 4 where art leads you into a conversation about our community, culture, and environment.

– Alan Fitzgerald

Open Hours

Tuesday – Friday, 2 – 6pm
Saturday, 10am – 6pm


207 North Gilbert Road
Suite 4 in the Lower Level
Gilbert, Arizona 85234
(480) 361-1118

Come upstairs to Art Intersection to see our other galleries in Suite 201

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