Arizona Odyssey – Forty Years of Roaming for Beauty

Kerrick James began photographing Arizona in 1977, at first only the wild places of exotic beauty, then over time the people and cultures of our Southwestern nirvana. These 67 images are drawn from a thousand explorations across the expanse of Arizona. Some are of places now lost to flood or time. They depict iconic landscapes, ephemeral weather and celestial phenomena, billion-year-old rocks and medusa-like saguaros, cowboys and horses, Hopi and Navajo dancers, adventurers and musicians alike. And of course, Route 66, our distinctive slice of the highway of American myth, and promised freedom.

Photographs are intrinsically documents, but they should also reveal more than mere place, or be a singular time stamp. They can show us ourselves, through the prism of tones and colors, shapes and lines, loss and discovery. I invite you to share in these moments of beauty and life lived well by those I’ve met along the road, and by one sublimely lucky photographer…

Travel through Arizona with this video by Kerrick James.

Arizona Visions



Exhibition Open for Viewing
December 4, 2021 through
March 5, 2022

Opening Reception
Saturday, December 4, 2021
4pm - 8pm

Gallery 4 at HD South
Gilbert Historical Museum
10 South Gilbert Road
Gilbert, AZ 85296