Opening of Inherent Worth and Dignity

Last night the exhibition of a portrait images by Bob Sadler, Inherent Worth and Dignity, opened in Gallery 4. Bob and his wife Sharon were here to welcome guests and talk about the project and resulting exhibition. Bob will give a presentation and lecture today about the exhibition and his work with homeless men in California through the I-HELP program.

Ada, a Phoenix based performance artist, read poems to the group with reflections on homelessness, struggles growing up, and hope for a future where we are conscious of our relationships in the world.

Gallery 4 has 23 images on the wall and exhibition books are available.

Ada delivers her message through poetry and prose. Her performance made a wonderful contribution to the evening

On Sunday Bob gave a presentation to a very engaged group. His talk started with an explanation of the genesis of the project, his relationship as a photographer and an individual with the homeless men that were the subjects in the exhibition, and the process that the homeless men experienced as a result of the portraits. One of the conclusions from today’s discussion is the old cliche that you cannot judge a book by its cover, and Bob made the point that there are fewer degrees of separation between homeless men and the general population.